Mrs. Haworth's Art

All students (K-8) are engaged weekly in creating fun, interesting, and beautiful art. For the higher grades, the students are introduced to various art techniques/elements/principles and the use of many art mediums. For the lower grades, the projects are designed to help students develop fine motor skills, follow simple processes, use different art mediums, and most of all learn to be creative!

Most of the art created by students will be displayed throughout the school. I will try to post as many pictures of the student's art as possible. Sometimes the students will take home art to share with their families. Any art not immediately sent home will be placed in the student's art portfolio, which the student will take it home at the end of the year. I apologize if a student comes home with paint on their clothes. I do have the younger students wear art aprons, but I like to let the students explore as many different medium as possible and sometimes it can get messy!

First round of Wildcats art awards.

First grade students made cats out of newspaper.

Second grade students spent several class periods making these multi-media fall trees.

Kindergarten students made fun monkeys.

Kindergarten students learned how to paint using bubbles.  What a fun class!

Second grade students with their shape-cutout shadow boxes.

Second grade students had fun making various shape cutouts.

First grade students had fun making silly pumpkins.

Kindergarten students got into the fall spirit by making clothespin scarecrows.